Fragen und Antworten (FAQ’s) zur Blutegeltherapie

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Biographie: Dry abrasions are recommended for sensitive skin type, but the wet shave is more careful. First, the shaving cream or gel should be used. So the hair is properly seborrheic dermatitis hair loss grow back erected and a protective film is built between the blades and the skin. The ingredients contained in the foam or gel can help protect even sensitive skin and provide the necessary moisture. Especially minerals such as calcium have a regenerative effect.

Begin with the softer beard hair on the lips and wagon. The lower hairs are thicker and stronger, so should be better soaked. The shave should be done slowly and with not too much pressure. It is better, especially in sensitive skin, to shave the hair in the growth direction. Several short shaving movements are beneficial and less irritating. The razor blade should be cleaned with very warm water. 6. Skin soothes?

After shaving, the stressed skin should be soothed. First, the face is thoroughly washed again. Perhaps a cleansing lotion can help and soothe the skin with an aftershave. Particularly antibacterial tea tree oil is to protect the skin supple. Alternatively, extracts from pumpkin seeds can also be used. Under no circumstances should Aftershave be used seborrheic keratosis home treatment hydrogen peroxide in sensitive or dry skin which contains alcohol. Also perfume should be avoided because of the alcohol content directly after the shave, since it is only unnecessarily shaved skin irritated. Better are anti-bacterial care creams or lotions as well as oils, which lastingly maintain the skin.

7. Enough moisture? The freshly shaved skin should be supplied with moisture as quickly as possible. Various creams are suitable for this, depending on the different types of skin. Mainly, these agents also contain minerals. Sustained by nutrients in the Aftershave lotions or creams the skin is strengthened and can thus be better protected against inflammation by shaving.

8. How often?

The less frequently you shave, the lower the skin irritation. Quickly, the skin of the shaver is quickly damaged by skin inflammation. The daily shave should therefore always be considered carefully and the correct utensils are carried out. It is also important to change the razor blade regularly Seborrheic dermatitis hair loss grow back, as sharp wounds can be caused by blunt blades. If the beard is to grow or stand still, care must be taken to ensure proper hygiene during regular care. Hair follicles can become inflamed or hairs can grow quickly.
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