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 Our online leech shop is momentarily under reconstruction. Soon you will be able to place your order online as usual. Until then we kindly request you to use the purchase order form given below.
Thank you for your understanding!

 Medicinal leeches are pharmaceuticals and are subject to the same rules and regulations as for manufactured pharmaceuticals under European Medical Law.
The following terms and conditions of delivery apply to deliveries to countries within the European Union.  
 Prepayment is a precondition for delivery to new customers.  Please use the following order form for placing your order.  You will then receive from us a pro forma invoice with the bank account information you will need for payment transfer.  Further deliveries can be effected by normal billing procedure without prepayment.  However, a discount will be offered with prepayment, thus reducing the actual leech price to that of a domestic order.  

Please send us the completed purchase order form by fax or e-mail.

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