gewaechshaus In our bright greenhouses, anything that is good for leeches is allowed to grow and flourish in a controlled environment. This is done in 14 naturalistically designed ponds that are tended every day. At first glance, it would occur to no one that leeches were to be found in this ambiance: field bindweed at the windows, water ferns and other plants growing in the ponds.  The varied fauna ranges from dragonflies and water scorpions to the rare mole cricket. The aquatic fauna is proof of the excellent water quality, which is checked daily. Should by chance visitors encounter leeches here, they would be surprised by their elegance and beauty.


 This multifaceted biotope does not of course primarily serve aesthetic purposes.  The main reason for creating this environment is that the leeches will be healthiest, and consequently their healing properties most potent, when they truly feel "at home".  Day by day, we do our best to achieve this goal.  Additionally, this healthy ecological balance helps prevent the growth of parasites. The microbiological state is subject to constant checks to ensure its quality.  Any water introduced into this controlled environment must first be purified.


 We have both imported leeches and ones which we have bred ourselves. These are kept meticulously separated. Imported leeches are kept in quarantine for at least 32 weeks. Although this is not actually necessary, as our Turkish suppliers must guarantee and document that the leeches have never before sucked on human beings, we do it nonetheless in order to fully reassure our customers. Moreover, nature itself has provided a whole series of safeguards that would render any transmission of pathogens highly improbable, even if a leech had in fact ingested infected blood.  In fact, there are no documented cases of a medicinal leech having transmitted a disease.


 If we have attracted your interest, THEN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO STOP BY FOR A VISIT!  Just give us a call beforehand.  It would be our pleasure to show you around.  After all, it’s for you, our customers, that we go to all this effort.