New products: Treatment and dressing kit and special dressing material


Competent medicinal leech therapy requires specific equipment for the skilled treatment performance and after-care of the leech bite wounds. The offered treatment and dressing kit is designated for cases of missing parts of the complete treatment and dressing material. This kit is scheduled as a comprehensive service package. Three kit versions, adequate for one, three, or five leech treatment sessions are available.


In addition, for the veterinary use, we offer a special treatment kit without dressing material. This treatment kit is sufficient for the veterinary use since the dressing of animals after the treatment is only necessary for prevention of household soiling. Furthermore, the use of wound spray is usually non-essential in medicinal leech therapy of animals.


You can download the detailed product leaflet here: (click)


We also proudly can present special self-designed dressing material enabling the solid and safe fixation of absorbing material (e.g. gauze bandage or fixing plaster) with minimal dermal adhesion.


The detailed product leaflet can be downloaded here: (click)