Information Brochures on Human and Veterinary Leech Therapy

The German leech farm Biebertaler Blutegelzucht GmbH and the German Association for Promotion of Leech Therapy and Protection of Leech Species (DGTA e. V.) have compiled English versions of the patient information brochures for the use in clinics, pharmacies, or the practice rooms of physicians and alternative practitioners. The brochures inform patients and animal owners about the chances and risks of leech therapy providing important information on the preparation, procedure and follow-up guidelines of leech therapy. There is a section on the brochure for the address stamp of your practice.


Up to 9 brochure are without charges; 10 brochures and more are charged at 1,00 € for each package of 10 brochures.


Worldwide shipping costs:


Up to 30 brochures: 4,00 €


From 31 to60 brochures: 7,00 €


Volumes exceeding 60 brochures: on request.


With the order of leeches no additional costs for the delivery of brochures are charged.


You can have a view on the brochures (pdf version):


Information Brochure Human Therapy


Information  Brochure Veterinary Therapy:


- Therapy in Hoofed Animals

- Therapy in Household Pets


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