The Medical Use of Leech Therapy in Outpatients - A Survey on 171 case reports


We now can provide you online with an in-house English translation of the above mentioned publication (Zeitschrift für Komplementärmedizin ZMK 2009: no. 5 p. 12 – 18).

The evaluation of the study results indicated an excellent efficacy and safety of leech therapy.

Two pivotal messages could be derived from this study: The 171 treatments covered more than 50 various indications! This result shows that leech therapy has a much broader therapeutic range than expected from our side.

Furthermore, 80 % of the patients suffered from diseases having already turned into a chronic ailment. This indicates a still existing restraint or lack of knowledge regarding leech therapy. On the other hand, this result exhibits the perspectives of a successful leech therapy even in cases therapy resistant to orthodox medicine.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone having contributed to the above mentioned survey!

All interested therapists are cordially invited to further participate in this ongoing survey. We intend to make the new results available as soon as we have included further cases into an extended database of about 300 case reports.

The article is available at rather low print quality. Please observe the copyright of the publisher.


English translation by BBEZ of the German article published in ZMK 2009, No. 5, p. 12 - 18: Click here